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There are over 118,500 properties listed on Cottage World already, but we need a lot more. People's needs are all different, and whatever the question, we want to have the answer. So we need more cottages, log cabins, and apartments. And yurts, teepees, lighthouses and castles!

If you have a self-catering property we would like to see it listed here, so that users can find whatever they are looking for. So owners and agents, please tell us what you have. Listing on Cottage World is free, and we direct everyone back to you to make the actual booking.

We will also help your connectivity via social networks. We retweet your best offer tweets, we 'like' your site on Facebook, and we befriend your Facebook pages. We support self-catering holidays in every way we can. Lots of people are talking about it - we do it every day.

So please - join in! Register here and you can start submitting your property details today! There are lots of ways and we make it really painless, and free, (did we mention free?).

The best way to start is to go our search page and put in some features that should lead to your property - town, features etc. That will show you the competition for your business, and then you need to get into those results. So tell us what you have and let us get you there.

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Self-catering cottage holidays in the UK and Ireland can still be a green option. You can have the comforts of home and the flexibility to do what you want; when you want - without the hassles of air travel!

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